Road Rage 3 (a little late)

Dude in brown piece of crap…..there are these things called brakes in your car.  The pedal is on the floor, it’s the smaller pedal on the left.    Learn to use it.  They work, see what you do, is when you are flying down the road and there is a car in front of you,  you apply the brake instead of changing lanes (without signaling, but since you don’t know how brakes work, I don’t even want to get in to signals).  See when you change lanes, you CUT ME OFF AND THEN I HAVE TO SLAM ON MY BRAKES BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ENOUGH ROOM FOR YOU TO GET IN MY LANE

Meanwhile, I was driving to work yesterday and drove past the cult down the street when I saw a car turning into the cult.  It had plates from Cleveland.  I was wondering,  joining the cult or saving someone from the cult.


4 thoughts on “Road Rage 3 (a little late)

  1. OMG! Those drivers must be rich because I think the ones that are on the road over here during the day are over there a few hours later… Must cost them a shitload of airfare to travel from Dutchyland to the US every time…

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