I haven’t had much to say lately.   Everything is going ok.  My mom is in rehab for another few days.   or weeks.   I am going to see her this weekend.  I just got home from babysitting and missed the beginning of Lost.  I have it on, but I need to see it from the start.   So it’s background noise.

Anyway.    I noticed something down the street from me when I moved here.    I live down the street from a cult.   LIke a Waco Texas cult.   I mean, I don’t know if they are doing Waco stuff, but that type of a cult.   Or maybe a Moonies type cult.
I don’t know I want to google it, but I’m afraid they will try to recuit me if I even mention the name.   If anyone wants to do it for me,  email me and I’ll give you the name of the place so you can let me know.    6 months I’ve lived here and I’ve only seen one car coming and going from there.   I drive past at 6 in the morning and no one goes to work, no school buses picking up kids.   It’s just creepy.   And there are signs at the end of the driveway, private property, visitors must sign in (and then get brainwashed)

Any volunteers to get recruited by a cult.     It could be fun.