It’s not cancelled

I like this show.   I like the idea of it.  Yeah, the sketches aren’t funny, but  I’m not watching it for the sketches.  The whole idea of the show is the backstage time.   What happens and how the show comes together.  The actual show itself is secondary.  Plus…..Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford are really good.


You asked

The cake was for my friends birthday.  Chocolate cake with chocolate peanut butter cups   It was yummy.

Much better

I vented.  I slept.  I took tylenol PM and I am much less cranky (thans Kdubs).

My mom is doing better.   She is sitting up and able to use a walker.  She doesn’t walk right which considering she was compensating for a tumor on her spine makes sense so she basically needs to relearn walking correctly.    She will be in a rehab facility for 2 weeks then home.   Hopefully, once all is better, my parents will sell their house and get something one floor.

And now, I am going to make my bed and then bake a cake.

The last warning

or I swear, I am going to rip your arm off and beat you with it.

If I don’t turn, it’s because there are cars coming. You are in such a fucking hurry that you need to lean on your fucking horn, then go the fuck around me and I will gladly watch you get mangled. I hope you get so fucking mangled that you can’t drive anymore because you are a fucking moronic asshat who shouldn’t be allowed behind the wheel of a car.

LEARN TO USE A TURN SIGNAL. I am behind you. I have my signal on to turn left. You don’t. I think you are going straight. YOU FUCKING TURNED AND CONTINUED TO DRIVE 25 FUCKING MILES I will kill you.

Don’t stand in my driveway and then yell at me when I want to turn. I open my garage for a reason. TO PARK THERE, NOT FOR YOU TO STAND THERE AND LOOK. Don’t turn around and yell at me that I honked and your kid is sleeping. When you pay my mortgage, you can stand in my driveway all you want. Until then MOVE YOU DUMB FUCK

I’ve been a little cranky today. Can you tell.

F**kity F**k

Ever since my first I-pod died and I lost a lot of music (a lot) I started saving all my I-tune purchases onto a cd just in case.    My I-pod (the black bitch) is set so I have to manually load the songs onto it.   Basically, I put the music into I-tunes either by uploading a cd I own, or buying one, then I hook up my I-pod and manually move the music (it’s more like dragging really)   I make playlists and everything.
When I plug The Bitch in, a screen comes up on I-tunes and there is a button to click so upload manually.

I accidently unclicked it.     So I went to upload some songs and LOST MY ENTIRE I-POD MUSIC COLLECTION.    Now, it’s not like before, the i-pod isn’t dead, it’s just empty,  so for the last several days (and for more days to continue) I am reloading my cd’s onto my i-pod.

I’ve found Damien Rice, Crossfade, Nickleback and a few other bands that I thought I lost so bonus, but it’s a pain in the ass.

Wasn’t this the most exciting post ever.    When I said yesterday I got nuthin, I wasn’t lying.

I got nothin

I mean, a few stories about the princess, like she wakes up in the morning asking to go to Cachel’s instead of school.   And I told her we were going to a party on Saturday and she looked at me and said CAKE.   (I had the same conversation with J at work)

But really, I got nothing.    Feel free to either ignore this post or ask me a question.  Maybe I’ll answer it.

My day.

1.   What’s so odd is my mom, not much different on morphine.    We always laugh like loons and she is always funny so the morphine and calling a 5 year old a slut, she does that normally.     We a classy bunch.

2.  I had an EMG today.    Not the most fun I’ve ever had.  But I don’t have carpal tunnel except that I do.     The Emg came back negative for it but the areas were gray so they were reading them as normal which is average.  So I do have Carpel tunnel.   Yeah, I scratched my head at that.   Apparently my pretty wrist brace works really well   I still have problems when I drive long distances since at some point I will have to drive with my right hand.    But he (the orth0, late 30’s single, cute as heck) thinks it’s secondary to a pinched nerve which is what I self diagnosed weeks and weeks ago.   So I have to go for a cervical spine MRI.   Which means valium.  Which means a fun Libragirl.   I have an problem with small spaces and loud noise.   I asked if the MRI place has open MRI’s but the doc wants a closed one because you get a better reading.   He asked it I want valium  I said YES    He asked if I ever took it before   I said YES     He asked if 5mg’s were enough I said Yes .   I like Valium. It’s very relaxing.

3.  I spent my i-tunes gift card.   I got Shiny Toy Guns, Hinder and THE NEW ROBBIE WILLIAMS      I also got Cartel, Hellogoodbye, The frey and Angels & Airwaves.    How many of those bands have your heard of.  Me, two of them, but I liked the sounds when I listened to the other songs so I downloaded them  Legally.