It’s early

It’s 5:50 in the morning.   My foot is asleep.    I wish the rest of me was.  Except I wake up at 5:30 to get ready for work.   Which consists of checking email and blogs until 6 am when I shower and really start getting ready for work.    I really should just sleep until 6 but Nope,  gotta wake up.

I babysat last night.    The princess was in a silly mood.   She made me feed her, which was ok, since it made it neater but she kept making funny faces.   Make a sad face, make a silly face, make a happy face, Make a pig face.  That’s the best face because she has a little nose and hasn’t gotten the pulling the front of the nose up to make pig face  (I teach her the important stuff)

NE and LN were going through their halloween candy (this was a few days ago but I forgot) and NE took out a Take 5 bar and said  What is this?   LN, without missing a beat, saw it had a 5 on it and said, It’s only for 5 year old, it’s mine and took it.      (A kids gotta have his chocolate)

I go for an MRI on Saturday.   Hopefully they will find out what the hell is wrong with my arm and why I keep losing feeling in my hand.  It’s really annoying and getting old.

I have to clean  up tonite.  I have crap all over the floor.   I have to put stuff away.   It won’t be hard, I’m just lazy.

Ok, it’s 6…gonna take a shower.  Have a good day.   It’s supposed to be torential rainstorms today    Fun.