I don’t really have anything going on.   I hung up some pictures in my bathroom.  So it’s not as blank.  I need to buy pictures for my bedroom and one of the guest room and the hallway at the stairs and the big wall over the fireplace.  Slowly but surely.

I am going to Atlantic City for t-day.   My parents, sister, the princess and my aunt uncle and cousins.   We will have a t-day buffet or something and then there is no cleaning or cooking.  BONUS.

I bought blinds for the windows in my house.   The guy came Monday night to measure and hopefully will be able to get them installed in the next week or so.

I think I got my heat working in my house.   I had to program it and if it doesn’t work I will call the company and have them look at it.  Cause no heat would suck.

And that’s my exciting life.  I don’t know if I will be around until at least saturday so

Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate it.   To those that don’t   if you have off of work, enjoy, if you don’t   HA HA