I have 10 minutes

I gave myself until 6 pm to go computer-less for 3 days.

Road Rage Thursday #2

Oooooooo you gunned your engine.  Does that mean I should let you cut me off when I’ve been sitting in traffic for 20 minutes and 3 red light cycles   Get the fuck out of here you loser.   You drive a fucking racing car to make up for a small penis you K-fed wanna be

hey, you in the SUV, on the phone.  Yeah you dumbass.    There are 2 lanes, clearly marked on the road and the sign     one is for left turn only, one is for right turn only.    GUESS WHICH ONE YOU SHOULD BE IN IF YOU ARE MAKING A LEFT TURN     Really, you want to go with the right lane as your answer    GOOD, GET HIT YOU DUMB FUCK    And get off the phone.

(6 minutes left)

The above is not a rant against SUV’s  I have a small suv, it’s against stupid drivers.

See ya all on Monday.


2 things

1.    Dutchbitch is having a contest.    PIMP MY BATHROOM.   Find all the details  here  A quick rundown,   decorate her bathroom.   Anything goes.    I am no creative enough to do stuff like that, but I wanted to get the word out for her.    There are prizes!!!!.    Go ahead   PIMP HER BATHROOM

2.  I am going cold turkey this weekend.    Well really starting tomorrow.   Maybe tonight.   I am going to do my best to start tonite.     Oh, didn’t I say what I was going cold turkey  on.

I am going to stay of my computer this whole weekend.      I am off from work on Friday  (mental health day) and plan on sleeping late,  going to Lowe’s and getting blinds for the windows in my house, going food shopping and just being.   Maybe lunch with sister.

Saturday   sleep late, clean the house.  Real cleaning, vaccuuming, dusting mopping the floor, cleaning the bathrooms.   Everything.    It will take a while because I lose interest after one room, then usually go online but NO  Saturday, I will do a room, watch tv, read (I have about 8 books to read), and then do the next room.    Vaccuuming, I will do in one shot.  All downstairs and then all upstairs, but that’s last.   I can do the kitchen and family room easy.

Sunday.   Just chill, read, watch tv.     Maybe go to a movie.   I use to do stuff before.   I need to do stuff and get my ass of the computer more often.   It will be hard but  I CAN DO IT!.   So, hoping I can do it tonite (which is when I will be moving my cd’s from one place to another and hopefully finding the rest of the cd’s I need to upload onto my i-pod (on monday)  I will see you on the flip side.