A present post

J is in love with this man. He’s hot, he’s british and he’s on Battlestar Galactica. She sent me this picture and I will post it as an early birthday present for her

Sort of makes me want to watch the show.   But unless he’s walking around like that, just can’t get into the show.

I couldn’t do it

I freaked out.  Literally.   I made it about to my neck in the MRI machine and freaked out.   Just bad.  I am not claustophoic, I just prefer not being in small space tubes that have loud noises.   (ok, I’m claustrophobic) Even on valium, I couldn’t do it   I have to call the ortho on monday and see if I can do a standing one or if I can get sedated, like IV sedated.   5mg Valium, just not enough.