Mom – obviously my mother. We are scary close. Most of the time, I would rather hang out with my mother then anyone else.

Dad My father (duh) The bestest dad in the whole world. EVA! Loves me and spoils me and when I am sick, stands outside my door in case I cough (there is a story behind it, maybe one day I’ll tell it, if I haven’t already)

Sister My sister, she is 6 years older then me. A pediatrician by choice. I moved to NJ to be closer to her when she adopted the princess. We have always been close and she is one of my best friends.

Brother. 3 years older, a teacher I think I know he use to teach, but may do something with computers and schools now. Maybe downloading porn for kids to watch. I don’t know. He’s a computer geek and I really need to remember to ask him how to do audio posts.

SIL – sister in law – married to brother. She was a baker Best brownies in the world. She is going to school now. Also very close to her

NE – Nephew Elder – my older nephew. I adore him He is funny and silly and smart and handsome and getting to be such a boy it drives me nuts

LN Littler nephew, my younger nephew  I adore him also. He is crazy, doesn’t understand the idea of quiet and forgets things as soon as you tell him something (very boy like) He is also the one that looks most like me, which means, of course, he’s the best looking 5 year old in the world

The princess. my niece. Sister adopted her  Our lives will never be the same. I babysit her 1 day a week and one sat a month but am with her all the time She’s gonna be super smart and a little strange, but that’s ok, she will fit in with us.

J – One of my best friends. We met at work and became really close and moved to NJ together. Not as a couple as everyone at work thought (some even thought I was why her marriage broke up) We laugh a lot and our emails are bizarre.

S1 & S2. My best friends from childhood. We have known each other since we were 9 and while we didn’ t always like each other, as we got older, we were always there for each other.

TJB –  my oldset friend in the world.  And I mean oldest since we have known each other since we were like 1 or so.   Just reconnected for the 3 millionth time through facebook.

PN  Penishead-  my sup at work.  My hatred of him is slightly alarming.  I may punch him in the nutsack one day, maybe I will add that to my list of last day fun.

Robin. –  AKA Bellaventa.

R( I may be able to use her real name – I will check with her)  she’s a friend from work who I love hanging out with.   We are very snarky and love to mock and she has a secret fantasy that Fall Out Boys’s Patrick will run away with her.

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