My DVR makes me dance

How, how does a strange digital video recorder (DVR) make me dance?  So glad you asked.

See, when I got my DVR I also got digital cable, mainly for showtime and on demand (free on demand) stuff.   I wanted to watch dexter, CSI and any other show for free that I didn’t normally watch but wanted to.   So  I do.

I know,  you are thinking  But Libragirl, none of those shows are danceable,  they are all good but not really the get up and dance type.  Mainly because they all involve death (wow, I just realized that)

Your right.  But with my digital cable came tons of other channels.  Including

BBC America.   And do you know what is playing on BBC America.

This is.  I have said before   that I love him, but I need you to understand.  It’s a true love.   Not a silly love like that of NPH.  Or an obvious love like everyone has for Brad or Colin or George.

NO.  My love for Robbie Williams is a true and pure love.   The type of true and pure love that would make me lose my shit and act like a 15 year old at a concert if I ever met him.     It’s real.  Now, if I could get him to realize that.