About Me

  1. I am a girl
  2. I am 34  35  36
  3. I live in NJ.
  4. I was born in Maryland
  5. I lived in Long Island NY for almost 25 years and consider myself a New Yorker
  6. Most people consider LI to be Bridge & Tunnel, but since I love NY  I am a NY”er
  7. I have an older sister – Doctor Sister
  8. I have an older brother – Brother
  9. I have a sister in law – Sis in law
  10. I have 2 nephews – Nephew Elder (NE) and Littler Nephew (LN)
  11. I get along with my family really well
  12. My parents are still married
  13. I am Jewish
  14. I have an addiction to shoes
  15. I have an addiction to short skirts
  16. I love to read
  17. I love TV
  18. I read and watch TV at the same time
  19. I am a computer geek
  20. I have a blog libragirl.wordpress
  21. I spend more time on-line then I should
  22. I want to be in a commited relationship
  23. I have strange taste in music
  24. I have 1569 songs on my I-pod (as of today) **UPDATE  I have more now, this was written before I got the Black Bitch and lost everything****
  25. I add music whenever.
  27. I love going to the movies.
  28. I will go see a movie, just because I have an urge for popcorn
  29. I love broadway shows
  30. I have had the same 2 close friends since I was 9
  31. I don’t want kids, but I love my nephews and neice
  32. I don’t drink coffee, but I have a lot of energy in the morning so everyone thinks I do
  33. I have year around allergies
  34. Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t contagious
  35. If one more person tells me I need a “clensing” to rid my body of allergies, I will kill them. I don’t need a clensing, I need less dust and cats in my life
  36. If I could pay someone to go grocery shopping for me, I would
  37. I laugh really loud
  38. I was told that I am intimidating.
  39. I don’t say hi to people when I pass them in the hall or at the copy machine. I see you 16x times a day, I don’t need to say hi everytime I see you.
  40. I hate the “C” word but will use it if you piss me off enough
  41. I cry at commercials. I cry at everything.
  42. I am not in love, but want to be
  43. I have a great love for Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Colin Farell and Angelina Jolie (doesn’t everyone have a great love for at least one of them)
  44. The best compliment I ever received was when a friend told me I was the least racist person she ever met. I don’t care what color you are, what your sexual orientation is. If I like you, I like you, If I don’t, it’s coz you are an asshat
  45. I like myself on most days
  46. I am very self centered – I always try to get conversations back to the best subject – me
  47. I have 2 tattoos.
  48. I have my ears pierced, but very rarely wear earrings
  49. I love to take pictures
  50. I take allergy medicine
  51. I have smoked pot
  52. I liked it.
  53. I have a job that I usually like
  54. The best thing about my job is J.
  55. The worst thing about my job is my new boss.
  56. I bite my nails. I tried not to, but it didn’t work
  57. I hate cigarette smoke
  58. I hate bars, but will go if enough people I know are going.
  59. I like that most bars don’t allow smoking in them
  60. I am a carb-aholic
  61. I am also a choc-o-holic
  62. I don’t think chocolate pasta would be good though
  63. I think Chocolate covered pretzels are the world’s most perfect food. Crunchy, salty and chocoate….yum
  64. I like my voice
  65. I have a short temper, but as quick as I lose it, I am ok again.
  66. I don’t hold grudges, but if I get pissed off at you, I will stop talking to you
  67. I don’t want to get married.
  68. I wear glasses. I don’t like contacts. I don’t want the eye surgery. I like glasses. I like being able to see.
  69. I like food
  70. I am allergic to Ginger but love garlic
  71. I hate to cook
  72. I like to go hiking, but am not a serious hiker
  73. I want to jump out of a plane, but am chicken shit scared.
  74. I talk to myself, sometimes out loud
  75. I will have a conversation with myself and pretend to be the other person
  76. I have some strange dreams and when I remember them, everyone knows about it.
  77. I can keep secrets, I just don’t like to. More often then not, I don’t tell because I forget what I was told
  78. I have the most comfortable bed
  79. I love sleep
  80. I hate phones, but I have my cell with me at all times
  81. Sarcasm is a way of life
  82. I change my screensaver at work weekly.
  83. I don’t like animals. Don’t ask me if your dog is cute, it’s not
  84. I am addicted to chapstick and lotion.
  85. I never leave my house without my keys, money, cell, lotion and chapstick and my i-pod
  86. I will leave my house without shoes
  87. I am on birth control pills for medical reasons
  88. I am a nerd
  89. I can’t sing, but do so loudly, in my car
  90. I enjoy bad TV
  91. I don’t understand why people are fasinated by the likes of Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Hillary Duff, The Olsen Twins, et al. Aren’t they done yet.
  92. I do like Amanda Bynes.
  93. I pretend I am smarter then I am
  94. I don’t think people catch on that I am not that smart
  95. I don’t understand why people do things.
  96. I will eventually hook up my wireless router

97. I hooked it up. Go me.
98. I can spend so much time on my computer, I forget to eat dinner
99 I love boys
100. A lot of people think I am a lesbian because I am comfortable with myself to admit I love Angelina Jolie.
101 I have a niece now

102. I own a home. I know, I am a homeowner. Whodathunkit.

I love getting email…Email me at Libragirl316@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello my old friend. Just thought I would drop a line and say hi. Alex is saying all kinds of words, but no sentences yet.

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