I made it until Sunday at 4:07 pm to be computerless (ok, I did check movie times but they are on my homepage so really, does that count).

Friday –   I slept and watched tv.  Stuff on tape.  Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars and stuff.  I showered and then I went and bought blinds for my windows.  7 months and I still have the paper blinds up.     I read.   A lot.   I finished one book I had started and read about 3 others.  I am going to finish another one later.  I went to my sisters and saw my princess.  She is sooooooo cute.   She answers everything    Uh-hu    (or however you spell that version of yes)

Me:   Princess – do you want cheese

P  – uh huh

Me –  Princess – do you love mommy

p  uh huh

Me   Princess do you love the pope

p – uh huh

Me –  princess do you love poop

p – uh huh –

(you get the idea)

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