Thursday night fun

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Please Miss, May I have my ticket

Ok,  that is only funny to me Cissa and Robin, but it cracked us up.

So the day started way earlier then I planned.   I had to go to my sisters and get her parking pass and my camera.  I got to her place, got my stuff, parked and walked to the train station  My train was leaving at 9:23  I got there at 8:15.  Yeah, I was early.   I finally got on the train and made it to NY.   Robin Cissa and I went to the worlds most expensive Fridays in Penn Station, but we were so hungrey we didn’t care.

Then we decided to play tourist and did the NBC studio tour img_2712Thats Robin She got her ticket.

The tour was fun.   We saw Seth Rogan (Hey, Robin, celeb sighting) and got snarky w/ the pages.   We were us.

We then went to go check them into their hotel which was drama but it’s their drama so one of them can go into that.

Then we were off to DaveYork at the Hard Rock Cafe.   When we saw Dave, we were so excited there may have been jumping a bit (or a lot) and Earl was there also.  By the time we got a table, Dawg and Poppy had arrived.

Now for the party to begin

We laughed and talked and ate and drank.  And embarrassed Dave, which is always fun.  Apparently at Hard Rock, when it’s your birthday, you have to stand on a chair while the waiter yells at the top of his lungs that its your birthday and everyone to yell happy birthday.   Dave is 11 (video here)

(I am continuing this at school so no pics, see Dave, Robin, Dawg, Poppy and Cissa for them, my photos are on flicka w/ Robins)

We hung 0ut at the Hard Rock for a little bit longer and just had a blast.  When we left, we did a quick trip to Dave’s hotel so he could drop off stuff and take more pills then took the subway downtown to go bar hopping.

On the train, we were loud and silly and probably annoyed people, but WHO CARES.  One – it’s NY , two – it’s Dave York.

We went to a bar called Jacks, I have no idea the address, but I had REALLY GOOD TEQUILA SHOTS (Dave made me do two of them, honest, it’s his fault I got a tiny bit drunk)  After texting Robin, Cissa and Poppy, it was decided that I’m strange. Also I drunk texted another friend of mine because her and Cissa have the same name and I was only a little drunk and couldn’t see well.

Apparently the staff at Jack’s didn’t like us because they couldn’t remember our drink order and were rushing us out of the place, but first Cissa and I had to become Best Friends Forever.

Then we went to another bar and I stuck to soda there.  We again talked and laughed and had a blast.

When we finally left there, we went to the train, Poppy and Dawg left us then and I ended up leaving also and walked to my brother and sister in laws

I got there and my sil was awake so she let me in, we talked for a bit then I crashed.   When I woke up the next morning – I got a huge running hug from LN (LIttler nephew) because it was his birthday.   He didn’t know I was sleeping over.

The weekend was amazing and it makes me look forward to TC even more.

If I get home early enough from school, I will edit this with pictures

What did you do this weekend

Saturday I went to see Rent: Live on Broadway.  Rent, my favorite show, closed Sept 7, and they recorded the final show and were playing it in the theatre.   I saw it live 24x so of course I had to go.  It was awesome.  And found out that Rent is coming to Philly, with Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp, who were the original Roger and Mark.  So of course I am going.

Sunday, I watched TV.   I caught up on all shows –  Heroes, Gray’s, Mentalist, House, Bones, HIMYM, Ugly Betty and Fringe, and I discovered, I watch way to much tv.

I also got to watch CSI:NY and NCIS on demand and Entourage on Demand.   Now I have to watch True Blood and Dexter, but they are on demand so I will get to watch them whenever.

I am not babysitting this Wednesday so maybe I will watch stuff then.

Friday (the 3rd) I am going to LI and Saturday (the 4th) I am going to NYC to hang out with some friends.

I sort of feel bad since it’s the Princess’ 4th b-day, but her party is Sunday so I will see her then.

But the best part of this past weekend    I slept!!

My Weekend

So this week the Princess doesn’t have school. Which means someone needs to watch the Princess.

My mom is for the week. So my parents went to A/C on Friday and were there through today.

My brother, sil and the boys came Saturday and we all hung out. They went home Sunday. So sister kid and I were gonna meet my parents in A/C except the Princess was a little sick so I went myself. Turned out my parents were invited to a party.

I don’t know if you can see who that is. His name is VIncent Pastore. He played Big Pussy on the Sopranos. I openly admit, I’ve never seen the show. But he’s gonna be on GH for a bit. Yeah, I don’t watch that any more either. But it’s more on keeping up with celebrity siteing (or b and c list pseudo celebrities)

And the black faced woman- that’s my mom…I just figured out a little bit of photoshop.


I have nothing to write about.

Yesterday I cleaned up my garage and straightened a bunch of stuff up.

I have a dresser in my garage that i want to get rid off.   Then I want to get a shelving unit to use for extra storage – like pantry stuff – mainly paper products and bulk shopping things.

then I watched Cloverfield.

Here’s the dialogue

Rob good luck in Japan –

Rob good luck in Japan

Anyone want to do a testimonial for Rob



And that is it.   They repeat that in different levels of screaming for 1.5 hours.   I liked it though –  the monster was creepy and I adore JJ Abrams.

It’s back to work today.   I woke up uber early because I had to strip the beds and collect trash and pick up good will off the floor and just get everything in order for the cleaners.

I want to go back to the gym.   My problem is that I don’t know what I can do besides treadmill.   I’m still sore in my arm and don’t want to over do it-   I have to remember to ask my ortho next time I go.

I am going for a massage the end of July with Robin and J for Robin’s birthday.   It will be fun.   We are going to Hershey Pa.    I would like to get a chocolate massage (turns out – not real chocolate, but chocolate scented oil’s are used) but since I have such bad allergies to certain things – like scented oil’s I don’t know if I should get that or not.   I will see.


I was able to get my car in my driveway. Friday we got snow. A lot of snow, ok, not a lot, but it was messy and icy and COLD. I may have mentioned a few billion times that I watch the princess on Wednesdays. This week my sister switched schedules with someone so I was going to pick her up on Friday from daycare and take her to my house. My sister was going to go out with friends and then come over. She was working Saturday so it was just as easy.

Except the weather was crap. My boss suggested I leave an hour early because she knew I had to get the kid and that the roads were bad (I should mention, I was working overtime and had come in early so I was able to leave and not lose time) and it took me 2 hours to get to her school. Normally it’s 30-60 minutes depending on traffic and if I make the lights by U Penn.

Needless to say, I slept at sisters (I had brought clothes just in case). Saturday was harsh. Getting to my car, with Princess and all the crap she needs and getting her in the car and still having to clean it off, NOT FUN plus, Satan took over her personality, and she decided she was going to make the nice Satan, EVIL Because the “real” Satan, not as horrible as a 2 year old who insists on whining ALL DAY.

We went to Best Buy, the grocery store and someplace else, I don’t remember. Then we went to my house, watched Blue’s clues, at lunch and played and played.

Did I mention, they blocked the driveways and there was a foot of ice blocking my driveway and I couldn’t pull in over it. Yeah, that was fun.

Then we went to take a nap. Well, that didn’t work, but she was so tired that she was barely able to talk, or walk or be human. (but she was still cute as all get out, cause she was cuddly and told me she loved me) so I said, let’s go to your house. We got in the car and I asked her if she wanted to listen to Hokey Pokey. She said Ho and was out like a light. Since I knew that was gonna happen, I brought a book and sat in my car and read. And when she woke up, we went in the house and played with the little boy across the hall and when sister got home, I left. I started to dig out a little but it was all ice.

Today, sister and the princess came over and we went to the mall, then left because sister couldn’t find her cell. It was at my house. Then we went to lunch, then back to my house because I couldn’t remember if I had shut my garage door (I hadn’t) then we went for a drive so someone could take a nap. While she was sleeping we went back to my house and dug some more ice up to get the driveway a little clearer. Then we were going to go food shopping but we decided to go look at a house for sale that we wanted to see the design of, then we had to go back to my house because someone was offensive so we had to stay and play. Finally we were headed to supermarket, but heard my neighbor shoveling and saw he got the foot of ice cleared so we thought we would try. He helped (thank goodness, since he had a metal shovel to chop ice) and I was able to get in my driveway again. YIPPEE So we finally made it to the supermarket, and then sister and princess went home and I collapsed.

I have to go in early tomorrow to so some more ot and then I am working late for more ot and then I have 2 classes at they gym I want to take. I will be home late (for me). I am sure I will be ready to collapse. I can’t wait.

Have a nice day.

I forgot,  I wanted to welcome  Dutchbitch to WordPress.  Welcome, enjoy your new home.    Go on, visit her.   Hew new site looks awesome.