Dead Like Me

So, there was a show on Showtime called Dead Like Me   They replay it now on Sci-Fi –  Tuesdays from 7-9 (2 back to back episodes)

The basic plot.    Georgia (called George) is an 18 y/o slacker.   She doesn’t live up to her potential.  She is sullen and rude (in the 18 y/o, I’m immortal way) to her family.   One day her mom says, you have an interview and you are going.   She does and gets the job.   It’s for a place called HappyTime.  It’s a temp agency.  She goes out to lunch on her first day and is killed by a toilet seat that is re-entering the atmosphere from outer space (it’s as odd as it sounds)  She dies (in a lot of pieces) and becomes a grim reaper.   She takes souls of people who are going to die painful deaths and helps them find the light.

I really like this show. (Even when Mandy Patakin is on, I don’t like him) and came to the conclusion.   I really would make a good grim reaper.    I could so take peoples souls.     It’s just a touch.    I am heartless enough (yeah I really am)  to take them and nice enough (yeah I am) to feel bad.

What do you think, can you be a grim reaper.