I had a really amazing weekend at NY Comic Con.
Started the minute I got off the train (which I’m not ready to discuss yet, but trust me, it’s great) on Thursday morning and went straight through to Sunday morning.

Thursday Saw Arthur Darvill – Rory Williams himself. LN got his autograph and my brother got to tell him he roadied for his father. Did you know Arthur Darvill’s father was the keyboardist for Fine Young Cannibals. Now you do.
Also went to an Adam West panel and he was amazing. He’s funny and charming and still very handsome.

Friday I think started with the Elementary panel, Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Lui
then we went to the Adult Swim panel, but I left to go to the Once Upon a time panel, where I camped out to see BIRDMAN panel with Michael Keatona and Edward Norton – moderated by CHRIS HARDWICK who is my new boyfriend. My nephews can call him uncle now.
After the panel, the audience rushed the stage and Keaton and Norton BOOKED but my boyfriend said he would stay to take pics and stuff so I got a pic with him. He put his arm around me and touched my phone. I love Chris Hardwick so much I can’t even tell you.

Saturday was the big day. The Javitz center opened at 8 am people were on line at 6. Why, you ask. Well it was the Walking Dead panel day and it was first come, first bracelet given out. My brother and I had handicap passes and we got passes first. But, before that panel, was The League. If you haven’t seen this show on FX (or FXX, I’m not sure which one) binge watch it on Netflix and then watch it. It is so fucking funny. The panel was hysterical

Then it was WALKING DEAD TIME moderated by my boyfriend Chris Hardwick. (have I mentioned I love him) It was AMAZING The cast was funny and charming and so nice. This is going to be an amazing season. Another show, if you aren’t watching – binge it on Netflix and then catch up on AMC on demand and also watch Talking Dead with my boyfriend.

i went to the Stephen Amell panel (arrow) and he is so hot and it was really good but after that was Daredevil, coming soon to Netflix. Damn if this doesn’t look great. Better then the movie, but really anything is better then the movie.

I came home early Sunday to go to my niece’s birthday party but only stayed for a bit. Actually left before any kids got there.

But when I say I had one of the best weekends ever, I mean it. I can’t wait until next year.


Living in my head is often fun

So Fred Flintsone drove a car made out of stone.

It had stone wheels and a stone frame


he used he feet to drive and often had a lot of people in the car

in this picture is Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm (poor Dino, has to run along side the car, although they did let him in during movies and put Pebbles on his head)

HOW FUCKING STRONG WAS FRED I mean really It’s a car made out of stone and he had four adults and 2 babies in the damn car. It’s made of stone.

He made it move by his feet.

That’s some strong feet and leg muscles he had going on there.

I’m gonna try

I’m gonna try to go to the library.   The wonderful an9ie reminded me that I wanted to read the Dresden Files books.   I forgot and she gave me the author’s name and suggested I read it.   Well I like the show but do I want to start buying another series of books.  No, since really books are an expensive habit.   So when I was at my parents this weekend, I got a Jim Butcher book out.  (which again I forgot but someone had just returned one so I took it)   I didn’t finish it so now I have to.  But I think it was like the 1 millionth in the series  (or the 7th out of 9) so I am going to read them in order.  From the library.    I went through my wish list and printed it out and marked down what to get from the library and what i need to buy.   There are a lot I could read and return.    Of course, my local library has 4 books so they might not have the ones I want.   Then I may have to beat people up.

Seriously, me in a library, it’s an adventure.   Want to know what I’m reading.  Check out the link-  Buy me things, I’m very pretty.

My DVR makes me dance

How, how does a strange digital video recorder (DVR) make me dance?  So glad you asked.

See, when I got my DVR I also got digital cable, mainly for showtime and on demand (free on demand) stuff.   I wanted to watch dexter, CSI and any other show for free that I didn’t normally watch but wanted to.   So  I do.

I know,  you are thinking  But Libragirl, none of those shows are danceable,  they are all good but not really the get up and dance type.  Mainly because they all involve death (wow, I just realized that)

Your right.  But with my digital cable came tons of other channels.  Including

BBC America.   And do you know what is playing on BBC America.

This is.  I have said before   that I love him, but I need you to understand.  It’s a true love.   Not a silly love like that of NPH.  Or an obvious love like everyone has for Brad or Colin or George.

NO.  My love for Robbie Williams is a true and pure love.   The type of true and pure love that would make me lose my shit and act like a 15 year old at a concert if I ever met him.     It’s real.  Now, if I could get him to realize that.