My girl turns 5 today

She very much belongs in this family.

I love you princess  Happy 5th birthday.


Thursday night fun

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Babe Con June 2009

There are way too many laughing moments and pictures and videos to describe how much fun Poppy, Bellaventa and I had this weekend.

There was salad and crabs and beer and games

which led to

and this  which was probably the funniest thing EVA!

And that’s why I love Teh Poppy and Bellaventa

(if you are in a feedreader -the last two are videos trust me – you want to see them, just pee first)

Well my brother to be exact.
I love my brother. He’s done some great things
He married my sil, who is amazing
He fathered 2 fantastic boys NE and LN
He teaches blind kids so he’s can read and write in braille.

His fashion sense -that’s not so great


he’s a ginormous geek, and can fix most all computer problems.

but a onesy w/ a flap- that he walked around in, JUST SAY NO

What a time

I don’t even know where to begin. I had such an amazing time meeting everyone (there was only one person that was really a fuckhead, the less said the better)

The theme for the night –

I saw more boobs then any straight women should, but since I am fascinated by boobies – it was great

Hilly just kept showing off the girls and Karl, who is now a legend in my mind as well as his own, was never far behind to rest his weary head….seriously – every time I turned around -the women was showing off spectacular boob

Black Belt Mama kicked Dave 2’s butt (that picture is on her site I believe) we compared surgery notes and pt and she was amazing and awesome in real life.

Flashing the victory sign – we beat surgery and will kick therapys ass.

Back in the states and coming to meet bloggers – the amazing Diana – Now and American in America

and her husband – totally crushing on him

the main reason I went was to meet 2 people – and then the 3rd popped in

Finn ShelliMetalmom

any time they want to hang out – I am there- Metalmom- I’ll drive

I met so many amazing people and had the most amazing time. I set up a flikr account here – If you can’t get in – email me –

I know I am forgetting a lot of people and a lot of stuff – other people were there

Jen – Dave – Dawg – Poppy – Britt – Dustin – Avi I just can’t remember them all because my memory sucks –

I enjoyed meeting everyone so much and can’t wait until next year – I’ll see you in the blogosphere

Also – if anyone can help me put a flickr badge on my site –  it would be greatly appreciated