I’m gonna try

I’m gonna try to go to the library.   The wonderful an9ie reminded me that I wanted to read the Dresden Files books.   I forgot and she gave me the author’s name and suggested I read it.   Well I like the show but do I want to start buying another series of books.  No, since really books are an expensive habit.   So when I was at my parents this weekend, I got a Jim Butcher book out.  (which again I forgot but someone had just returned one so I took it)   I didn’t finish it so now I have to.  But I think it was like the 1 millionth in the series  (or the 7th out of 9) so I am going to read them in order.  From the library.    I went through my wish list and printed it out and marked down what to get from the library and what i need to buy.   There are a lot I could read and return.    Of course, my local library has 4 books so they might not have the ones I want.   Then I may have to beat people up.

Seriously, me in a library, it’s an adventure.   Want to know what I’m reading.  Check out the link-  Buy me things, I’m very pretty.


One word

 I borrowed this from Lynda who borrowed  it from Megan who stole it from somewhere else

Yourself: Me

Your Partner: None

Your Hair:

Your Mother: Awesome

Your Father Fantastic

Your Favorite Item:
I pod

Your Dream Last Night:  Strange

Your Favorite Drink: Chocolate

Your Dream Car:

Your Dream Home: Clean

The Room You Are In:  Master

Your Ex: Caring

Your Fear:Lonliness

Where You Want to be in Ten Years: Happy

Who You Hung Out With Last Night:  Princess

What You’re Not:

Muffins: whatever

One of Your Wish List Items: housekeeper

Time:  bed

The Last Thing You Did:  cry

What You Are Wearing:

Your Favorite Weather:

Your Favorite Book:  dogeared

Last Thing You Ate: chips
Your Life: going

Your Mood:

Your Best Friends:  here

What Are You Thinking About Right Now: bed

Your Car: honda

What Are You Doing At The Moment: Typing

Your Summer:

Relationship Status: Single

What Is On Your TV: Dust

What Is The Weather Like:nice

When Is The Last Time You Laughed:earlier