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who’s there


eyeball who

eyeball nose

the humor of a 4 year old


Getting to know me part II

A friend of mine emailed this to me.   I was bored, ok, not bored, but I just re-set up my skype and it’s fun and I was talking to my brother and mom on line w/ skype using the webcam and my sister on the real phone….then my sister called back and it was actually my niece to tell me that she told her mommy that Her Rachel does everything for her.   No, I don’t spoil her to much…

A) Four places that I go to over and over: Work, sister, home, Pathmark

B) Four of my favorite places to eat:  Chinese (no specific)  Bertucci’s  Chili’s  Friendly’s

C) Four places I would rather be right now: Ireland, someplace where headaches don’t exist, Anywhere Robbie Williams is, my bed

D) Four people I think will respond: since I’m posting it instead of emailing it… no idea

E) Four TV shows I watch over and over: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Pushing Daisys, Gossip Girl

Meanwhile, on the boys front-  LN was naked and lost his two front teeth- I don’t think they are related to each other.

NE – is with his grandparents and doesn’t want to talk to anyone.  I was trying to get him to moon me on the webcam, but he wouldn’t  – which makes me wonder – what kind of a kid would pass up an oppotunity to moon someone…especially a kid in my family.

It made a 3 1/2 year old happy

Just not immediately.

The princess and I went to the xpn concert at the Camden Childrens Garden.    Buboon’s Tunes were on at 12.  We walked around.  We went on a carousel.    (Yeah, I discovered, can’t do the going round and round and round any more without getting so dizzy I almost vomited…and had to do it 3x)

We ate lunch we played and we walked and we had fun.

When we were playing….we saw the woman (Bubbles) from Buboon’s Tunes.    I pointed her out to the Princess.  She wasn’t in costume, but that’s ok, because the Princess still gets a little scared of the costume thing.    We talked and told her that the Princess’ favorite song is Funny Chicken.   She asked the Princess her name.   She told her and we said goodbye…see ya at 12.     (It was about 11:15 or so)     We walked around some more and then went to the stage.    We saw both of them….no costumes….which again was ok.

We went to pee and then went back to the stage.   It’s 11:55.   We are sitting in the shade.

They come out and the Princess is happy.   She was dancing (sort of, more like swaying)  She tried to be a conductor.   She moved to be closer.


Bubbles realized they were running late   See, they have the #1 song on xpn’s Kids corner 4 years in a row  It’s the Cheese Song.  They just rhyme different types of cheese and it’s very cute and clever.

Kids give them Cheese during the song.  (if you have ever listened or been to a BNL concert, imagine the macaroni but with cheese) so they HAVE TO DO THIS SONG

Bubbles says to Buboon –   We have to do Funny Chicken….Princess (obviously, they used her name) requested it.   She got so happy (although, I was the only one she would let see her smile)

So my 3 1/2 year old niece got a song dedicated to her…not just any song, but THE SONG  Her favorite song in the whole world.   The song she listens to all day on repeat since she saw them last year at the Children’s Garden.

Then they sang the Cheese song and she gave them a piece of cheese.  She had a huge smile on her face when she came back to the seat.

Kids songs are annoying after a while (like when it’s on repeat for  AN EFFIN YEAR) but

seeing the happy grin and knowing she was gonna be talking about it later….that makes the 37 y/o aunt happy.     I love that kid.

NO really – I do like them.

I am taking the princess to a concert today at Camden Gardens.   It’s a 3 day fesitival but the kids concert she wants to see is today.

We went last year and she discovered Bubboons Tunes

I have since listened to Funny Chicken daily FOR A YEAR

click on the song…go ahead I’ll wait)

Did you do it…great.    Now listen to this

It’s actually not a bad album.   Goodly Goodly today is a good song. (on the bottom dial up song list)  No really it is a good song.

She’s gonna have fun and it makes it worth sitting through (although I honestly do like Bubboon’s tunes, really)  just to see her smile and get some laughs.

ok  the woman’s voice is a tad annoying, but it’s a kids group so they are a little over the top to make kids laugh

and now

Nephew Elder

You are 10 today.    I can’t believe you are in double digits.   Stop that.   No more becoming a big kid.   Stay my little boy.  It makes me happy

I remember when you were born.    You were so cute.   At the first Thanksgiving, you were 5 months old and weighed the same as the turkey.  You were a little round boy.

When you started rolling then crawling then walking and you haven’t stopped moving since, it was so much fun to watch.

I can’t wait to see what happens to you as you become a man.

I adore you

I forgot to hit publish

As most of you are aware, Wednesdays I pick the Princess up from daycare and watch her until sister comes home.

I am putting her in the carseat and she wants my owl (I have a beany baby owl in my car). I get in and give it to her. She drops it, I turn to hand it to her. Ok turn is an exaceration. I just twist my arm and reach it and throw it at her.

She then says –

You shouldn’t turn like that with that arm. it’s the one that had surgery.

Damn kid was right. I shouldn’t have twisted like that because it did hurt like a bitch and it was the arm that had surgery.

She went to bed about 8:45 and I watched American Idol. I haven’t seen it since Amanda Overmyer got kicked off. I turn on Fox and David Cook is singing Bryan Adams. Then the boys are all singing Bryan Adams. (I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM) then he came out. I jumped up and down like a 15 y/o at his concert.

Then Brooke white was singing with Graham Nash (????) which Graham Nash is to good for and the David Cook sang with ZZ top. It was great. My sister got home about 9:30 and had to sit through this show so I could see who won, and watch George Michael (he was great) and then they announced David C won and I WAS EXCITED

Then I went home.

ok  so what happened was I hit save instead of publish, this was supposed to post at like 7 am

anyway – it’s not 4:40 and I had to leave work early to go to pt early because I was having muscle spams in my arm by where I had surgery.   I was sorta crying like a 3.5 year old whose aunt dropped all her strawberry chips on the driveway (not that I have ever done that to my niece while we were standing in grandma & grandpa’s driveway about 3 weeks ago)

I was in so much pain that I went to a sups office and was hyperventalating –   she called the therapy place (she goes there also) and I went early.   I am now sitting with ice on my arm again.

The weather here is bizarre.   It can’t decide it it wants to rain or not.   First, it’s all gray and gross and about to storm –  then about 4 raindrops come down and it gets super windy, then it’s sunny and I need sunglasses.

make up your mind mother nature.


Rock. I pick my Princess up every Wednesday after work. Sister works late so I babysit. One of the reasons I moved to Jersey was to help my sister when she had Princess Stinkbutt.

Tomorrow, U Penn is having it’s graduation so that means a main road in Philly is going to be closed, which will add 15 minutes to my commute which means I WON’T FIND ANY PARKING. I hate looking for parking – it’s one of the main things I hate about Philly. It’s the only think I hate about Philly…I can drive in circles for 45 minutes for parking- sorta sucks

But if Princess Stinkbutt is in a silly mood, she will sing and be super silly which makes me laugh. Or she will just whine – I don’t want to talk now. So of course, I keep asking How about now – every three seconds.


Also wanted to mention my Mothers day weekend.

NE had a chess tournament in Pittsburgh. My dad and brother went. He did ok, I don’t know if he got an award but he did get money from Grandpa for winning a game. I think he finished 3 wins 4 loses but considering he’s 9…I think he did great.

LN had a dance recital. Sis – Princess and I didn’t have tx to see the show so we tried to watch the rehearsal on Saturday, but they wouldn’t let us. So after the class we took him to his fencing class. He’s thinks he’s Zorro – His fencing teacher is EFFIN HOT I mean smokin hot like his pic is in Esquire modeling hot.

Then we went to a park and played and then went to parents house.

Sunday – we went back to NY and were able to score tx for his dance recital – 3-7 y/o kids dancing… cute I couldn’t deal.

Then was brunch w/ my mom, my sil and her parents, my sis and 2 of the 3 kids. NE was still in Pittsburgh at his chess tourny.

Man – my family is strange.