Things I love

I am taking this from Sarah and Sarcastica but am doing it a little different.   I am going to do one thing at a time and just write about that.  I am hoping that thinking about this will help get me out of my funk.

The kids make me happy

  • hearing them laugh until they get hiccups ( the princess)
  • hearing them get so excited they can barely talk (NE and LN)
  • answering the phone and it being one of the kids asking me to come over or to tell me good news
  • running hugs and kisses from any of them
  • remembering when NE was a baby and weighed more then the turkey at Thanksgiving
  • remembering the first time I saw the kids ever
  • knowing that if I am upset I can go see the kids and am guaranteed to laugh because they are silly
  • knowing they will usually give me hugs when I need it.

My girl turns 5 today

She very much belongs in this family.

I love you princess  Happy 5th birthday.

I went to a surprise party

Friday I had to pick up the Princess (niece) from school because my sister was working late.  I had a crappy day at work so really no problem as she makes me laugh.

We got back to her house and we were playing but we were laying on the couch and just hugging and laughing and being silly.  She kept giving me kisses on my nose and forehead and I kept giving her kisses and we were laughing and the best sound in the world is kids laughing.

All she kept asking me was if we could have a pretty party.   A pretty party involves makeup and costumes and dancing silly. I said if mommy says yes we could have a pretty party after dinner.

What I didn’t know is that mommy (sister) already said yes and it was a surprise pretty party that the Princess got inspired for when she saw our picture from when she avoided cleaning up.  So after dinner we did a pretty party.  Sister had gotten her play makeup (that may never come off) she had eyeshowder on her forehead and possibly in her hair, there was pink and purple cream make up EVERYWHERE on her face.  She looked adorable (but I am bias)

Then we danced silly and played london bridge and danced in circles and for the finale,  CRAZY DANCE which ended up being a combination of all the dances.

It was the best friday night

She is the puppetmaster

My sister and the princess are going away for a long weekend.  They are DC bound.  They leave tomorrow after the princess’ dance class (seriously  4 y/o ballet – way to cute for words).  I went over there today to play with the princess so my sister c0uld pack and get some other stuff done (I’m a good sister like that)

It was clean up time (it’s clean up time it’s clean up time, let’s put away our toys) I was helping the princess clean up when she says

Can we just snuggle a little because we are both so pretty

And that’s how you get out of clean up time