I’m breaking up with you, finally

I thought it was real.    I loved you forever.

I stood by you through the drugs and alcohol and the rehab.

I stood by you through the other women

I stood by you when people thought you were gay.

I loved you in a real and amazing way

You could have loved me back.   In my head we were the perfect couple.

You could have loved me back.   If you knew I existed.

Then you went and got married.     And I died a little inside.

I still love you and I always will.

Goodbye Robbie, until your next cd comes out, we are officially over.

Ok   We are back together.   I love him   I can’t help it.   He’s sooooooooooooooooo damn sexy and his voice is awesome.


Thursday night fun

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Sometimes I might be a little bitchy

Is it just me or do other people purposely walk down the wrong aisle in a REALLY crowed parking lot, knowing a car is following you to take your spot and then cut across the parking lot to get to your car knowing that the car following you is gonna be pissed. 

You do it also – no you don’t – what you do-  well make up your mind


I really don’t want this to become a I hate my job blog.

So here’s some fun stuff.

NE came in 10th place in a chess tournament over the weekend.  It’s a big deal I don’t know how many kids there were but he’s 10 and I am very proud of him

LN is excited because we are going to see the Magic Treehouse or something like that on 3/1.  I can’t wait

The princess is just silly.   Her favorite word seems to be actually.

I am excited because I may be meeting Fall Out Boy.   Seriously- I love them
one of my friends got tickets to see them and it’s apparently a meet and greet.   It’s  right after TEQUILA-CON  one week later to be exact so the end of April/beginning of May-  BOOKED

My flight and car are booked for TC – now if they would just say where it is so we can get the hotel.   If anyone wants to hang out Friday let me know.  Robin and I arrive around 2:30ish or so.  We would like to stay in the same hotel as everyone else, so let us know.

Lucky Me

I am having Thanksgiving at my house this year.   Normally we go to my cousins but one just moved and their house is not in order and my other cousin just had a baby (I really need to get a bond to send, maybe during lunch)

My bro and sil and the boys go to her family.   So my parents, sister and the princess are my house bound.

I ordered dinner from Wegmans.   Turkey – already made, stuffing and sides.  Here’s the fun. I don’t eat turkey so I am gonna be eating sides.

I decided I wanted to have Thanksgiving in the dining room, but I may change my mind and just move the kitchen table around.   The good thing about getting a pre-cooked dinner, makes getting all the other stuff ready a lot easier.

Everyone is converging on my house Wednesday so this weekend, I am going to finish my laundry, get my good will together and make the guest room for comfy sleeping.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving

oh and Robin – I sit in the same place so the remotes stay there.

I may actually die of boredom

It is 8:14 pm on Thursday.    I am sitting in class (still, again) and bored out of my skull.

I have memorized the keyboard, what finger goes on what key and all that great stuff.

My typing final is Monday the 6th –  typing test for speed –  3x – the best of 3 is the one to be used for the grade-   I type fast, until I get timed.   I am not worried about not passing, you need to type 35 wpm to pass and even on a really bad day – I do 50-60 wpm

Tuesday – the 7th-  is Spanish test –  why Spanish – because the teacher decided that we should know basic Spanish…OK –   I got the basic she wants to teach us, since I remember most of it from high school, whatever.

Thursday -the 9th-  after not having to work all day- WOOT! – I have to come into school for a 10 question written test –    sample questions

What keys are on the first row of a keyboard       123456789

what finger do you use to get the @ symbol –      shift and 2

What is the 3rd row of letters    asdfghjkl;

That type of stuff.   I basically know the keyboard, I just have to look at it after I write it out.

10/13 starts my 2nd class –   did you think I was gonna start paralegal stuff –  so did I -nope – learn to write letters.   SERIOUSLY!!!

This is one of the reasons why I have started drinking at happy hour on Fridays.

Speaking of which –  only 2 more days until Britt, Jarett (SP, sorry if it’s wrong) Poppy and Dawg and Robin hanging out in NYC.  There will be much fun had by all of us.   THere is even a hot-blogger dinner, that Robin and I were invited to as dates – I don’t know whose dates we are, and I don’t care.  A fun time is pre-ordained.

I don’t have internet on my phone, but I am sure twatting will be done by the others.

I will have my i-pod w/ wi-fi if I can find hotspots, I will twat and post as well.   There will be no making out since Britt stopped that sort of thing.


The other night I got 3 hours sleep freaking out about work.    I told my manager and she calmed me down.  I know I have nothing to freak about,   the trial will work out and I covered my butt, but my direct sup (hereinafter called penishead, or PN for short)  his advice,  stop thinking about it.

REALLY!!  That’s all I have to do – Stop thinking about it.   That’s the exact same thing as saying, ignore the pink elephant in the room….IT DOESN’T WORK  trust me…I was thinking about Robbie Williams and NPH (he’s straight in my life) and yeah – everything ended up in court and back to this stupid case.

So I took Ativan or Ambian I don’t know which one, but it worked.  8.5 hours of dead sleep.

I just keep looking at the light at the end of the tunnel.   18 months until I have my paralegal degree and can get a job that is better then the one I have.   I know – the grass is always greener, but a job that doesn’t involve taking anti-anxiety drugs or sleeping pills,  that would be swell.

It’s now 8:35.   latta gatas


I had a dream the other night involving a blogger and two of my friends from work.

not mentioning who the blogger was.

(how many of you just stopped reading)

So my two friends CJ and T needed a ride home.   CJ lives in the opposite direction of me and T but I said fine – no big deal.    Blogger needed a ride also but apparently didn’t wait around after work for me since he didn’t like CJ or T.

Fine   I drove CJ home and then T and then saw blogger sitting in a car with a bunch of other people.  He gets out of the car and starts yelling at me that I didn’t wait for him.    T and I start yelling back we waited for 20 minutes and then saw him in unknown persons car so we left.

then Blogger and I started walking and talking and apologizing.

And that was it.   Nothing major happening in it.   And blogger would not yell at me since we are friends, especially since he got a ride home from someone else.

I would say that it meant something but I am pretty sure it was just odd.