I am so pissed and angry right now that I am spitting nails

will try to get into words tomorrow maybe


Effin snow

My princess is getting her hebrew name tonight.  But because of the stupid snow and ice I can’t go.  I can’t get to LI to my parents house  because it’s icy and snowy and going to get worse so driving isn’t safe.

I don’t even know if they will be able to get to temple in Manhattan.

Stupid snow

but – I had taken off work today.  I should go in since I am not going to LI but I already had the day off so –  I am staying home, sleeping (going back to sleep)  watching bad movies (Snakes on a Plane, I mean you) and just enjoying my day off.

Thank goodness it’s Friday

So the week got better – Trick or treating w/ the princess was awesome.   She didn’t want to go but as we were walking home from the car, a neighbor was out so I said   say Trick or Treat so she did and got chocolate and WOW I get chocolate and candy   Let’s go trick or treating.

She was so cute and so funny and so shy until she got candy – then she was so excited   I LOVE CANDY.

Thursday though – uggggh   I woke up in wicked amounts of pain in my back – like Buffalo Bill made a skin suit that didn’t quite fit.   I was dying.  My legs hurt and my back and I am getting/now have no voice because of allergies.   I went to work and my boss was like – go home you aren’t getting any work done anyway –  I left at like 11:30.   Got home tried to watch some tv (coming up) and then took a bath and fell asleep then watch Pushing Daisy’s on my laptop since my tv wasn’t working (still coming up) and then went to pt for my arm and then came home and checked my tv again.

About 2 weeks ago comcast was having a problem w/ the DVR connections.   Fine – they fixed it and nothing I had recorded was lost.   Ever since then- it keeps freezing, or just stopping or something.    Or I’ll be watching something I taped/recorded and it would go back to the beginning.  So I call comcast and they are coming tonite to fix it.  You know that means that it’s gonna work – except not so much.  I just checked and it’s frozen again and everything I had saved is gone and my series set up’s  GONE and everything.  I can’t even turn the DVR off w/out unplugging it.   So I left it the way it is and this way the guy can see what the issue is and replace my DVR box and hopefully all will be better

Meanwhile –  I can barely talk and  my throat is killing me.   My back –  fine  I ended up taking a Zantac, since my mom said my dad was having a similar problem and his doctor said it sounded like acid reflux, couldn’t hurt anyway, and it apparently helped, now if I could just watch my DVR and talk, all would be better this week.

Thank goodness it’s Friday –  and a new week is coming.   It has to be better then this week.

Tomorrow can’t suck any worse

So it’s Monday-  a bad day in general.

I wake up- I pick up J at the garage, we get breakfast and go to work which just sucks.  I have a REALLY BAD HEADACHE  all day, my nose is runny and my eyes are so itchy I want to take them out and scratch them.

We leave at 4:30 and I take J to get her car.   And then I go home and I pull into my driveway and then I go get the garbage can and look and see my TIRE IS FLAT AS A PANCAKE  So I do what any normal girl does.   I call the physical therapist and tell them I am going to be late, only to find out I didn’ have an appt.  Then I go to the tire place to get my tire fixed.   It’s a 3.5 hour wait –  to fix an effin flat  Then another customer says – you have triple A, call them.  Crap.   I do have AAA and I could have called them from my house but I forgot I had AAA and went to the tire place and then had to wait 1 HOUR for them to come.

Then I get home.  Eat, watch tv a normal night.   It’s now 8:55 and my doorbell rings – WTF  my doorbell never rings – I just figure it’s a neighbor telling my I left my garage door open.   But I look and the door is closed.   And there’s my sister   She couldn’t get through and I wasn’t answering my cell so she packed up the princess and came over to make sure I wasn’t dead.

I search the house and all the phones are on the hook, but no dial tone.  So I call The Phone Company that has annoying commercials – yes I can hear you now…. –  and the recorded messages states there is a phone outage in my area (really) and that they expect it up and running by 11pm  Thursday 11/1.

Today is Monday  10/29…it’s gonna take 3 effin days to fix.   Great –  just keepin my cell charged.

Then I go to charge my gps.   but it’s the wrong charger so now I have 2 to return.     remind me why I woke up this morning.

Homeowner woes part 2

A while ago I had posted about my lawn and stuff and watering my lawn.

So the guy from the company that built my house came this morning.  He turned the knobs this way and that and then turned the water nozzle this way and that and nuttin happened.   not a drop of water came out.   So we wound up the hose and he said he would put the ticket in for a plumber to come look at the pipes.   or whatever.

So he leaves and I leave to go to work.   As I am pulling off my street a little voice said – maybe I should check to make sure the main water valve is off.   Nah – why bother the water doesn’t work anyway.

Can you guess what happened next……

I get back to work from lunch.   I am working.   I am working hard.   I was actually into working and getting caught up.   Then I went to pee.   I came back and my cell is beeping and I have a voicemail on my cell and my work phone.   It’s the builders company.   Call it’s an emergency.   Shit – what. – Well – maybe she wanted to catch me to make the plumbers appointment before the holiday.

Or maybe she was calling to tell me that one of my neighbors called and there is WATER POURING OUT OF MY GARAGE.

I am picturing an old cartoon and everything is under water and the fish and people swim past and are all indoors.

yeah – so I left work, came home.  Parked across the street and grabbed my house keys and garage door opener.   I turn the main water valve off and then open the garage door and water is pouring out.

Luckily, I took the vaccuum and carpet cleaner and some other stuff out of my garage earlier so the main stuff that got ruined is just boxes of holiday stuff – and some board games.   I have a carpet in my garage, that should dry but most likely – I will end up getting rid of it.  I will have hella garbage on Monday.

So, I know what I’m doing for the 4th of July-  anyone want to come help.

And yet there’s more

So the doctor’s office called   It only took 2 days for them to apologize for the confusion.  They offered to make an appointment with the doctor directly.  I asked if he had an MD.   They said yes.   He’s an anesthiolgist (sp) and is board certified.    Seems when I asked in the other office if he was an MD they thought I meant the np (nurse practioner, by the way, giveaway he’s not an MD)

I made an appointment for next tuesday to see the actual doctor. He’s an anasthelogist (sp) and board certified in pain medicine and I know he’s experienced in giving injections because that’s really what ansteology (sp) is, numbing an area for injections.


I don’t trust him.   I know I’ve never met him, but have you have gone somewhere and just got a bad vibe.   That’s the feeling I got in both offices I went to.   The one where he sees patients on Tuesdays (even though it was a Thursday when they sent me there) and the one that he doesn’t see patients.

So here’s where I need your opinion.

I really need this injection.   The pain in my arm is excrutiating.  I am in tears by the end of the day.   I can actually be sitting at my desk at work rubbing my arm with tears pouring out of my eyes (but no one will know because it’s crying at work and that’s just bad)  because of how much it hurts

I am seeing the ortho the day before I have the new appt with the injection doctor.  I am going to tell him what happened and that I am not comfortable going to see this guy.    I just get a bad vibe from the workplace.

If he can’t refer me to a different doctor, should I keep the appointment even though I don’t trust the man.    He’s going to be putting a needle in my neck. I’m sure he’s a really nice guy and a really good doctor, but bottom line

Do I trust my insticts of not trusting this doctor because of a bad feeling?

(that got very Carrie Bradshaw, sorry)   I should say, the bad feeling started when I pulled in the parking lot, before any of this other crap came out, before the office said I was seeing a NP and everything else.    It was just a gut feeling that I had.

And I promise (ok I hope) that I stop posting/whining about this soon.   It’s getting boring.   I know everyone looks, sees, oh crap, more whining about her damn arm, and skips it.

I do have a princess story.

She and my sister slept over last night.   When I came out of my room this morning, she was walking down the hallway looking for me.   She wanted to go to work with me and when we said she couldn’t she wanted me to take elmo with me.

Of course, as soon as I left, she was all about goin to the grandparents.

Until she played elevator in my bathroom and while the elevator was moving she unrolled all my toilet paper.   AN ENTIRE ROLL  again.

Good thing it’s the bathroom I don’t use.