because I can’t get this into coherent thoughts

  • I was playing computer games this morning on my laptop (apparently you can play for an hour free and then decide if you want to buy the game – awesome) when all of a sudden I was like – holy crap  Michael Jackson is dead. It was a total wtf moment. – mainly because I haven’t voluntarily listened to an MJ song since Thriller.  I only listened if I heard him on the radion (which I don’t listen to anymore, thank’s i-pod) on MTV, which use to play videos, or if his music was in a movie.   so total WTF moment -I don’t care he’s dead
  • I have been playing a lot of computer games – mainly hidden object games (king.com or bigfish.com) and have been using up the battery on my computer a lot
  • I was gonna go to A/C today but then realized I don’t feel like driving.   My sister and the Princess will probably come here and hang out and we will bbq and watch fireworks
  • I read a book yesterday.  I might try that again since I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon.  I love Amazon
  • I have to go to Target (again)
  • I have to go to the Apple Store and return something.

And that’s it for now.

Have a great 4th or Saturday depending on where you are.


Sometimes I might be a little bitchy

Is it just me or do other people purposely walk down the wrong aisle in a REALLY crowed parking lot, knowing a car is following you to take your spot and then cut across the parking lot to get to your car knowing that the car following you is gonna be pissed. 

You do it also – no you don’t – what you do-  well make up your mind

HOLY CRAP (or the post where I am yelling in excitment, and that sounded way dirtier then it should)




PANIC AT THE DISCO (now w/out the exclamation point)

all playing at one concert



So the concert is standing room only….dude  I am gonna be 38 y/o when the concert comes here -I am way to old to stand around a mosh pit for 4 effin hours…I love all the bands  so how about playing a venue w/ seats

and I fixed the videos so that PWT and Dashboard actually play.

Thank goodness it’s Friday

So the week got better – Trick or treating w/ the princess was awesome.   She didn’t want to go but as we were walking home from the car, a neighbor was out so I said   say Trick or Treat so she did and got chocolate and WOW I get chocolate and candy   Let’s go trick or treating.

She was so cute and so funny and so shy until she got candy – then she was so excited   I LOVE CANDY.

Thursday though – uggggh   I woke up in wicked amounts of pain in my back – like Buffalo Bill made a skin suit that didn’t quite fit.   I was dying.  My legs hurt and my back and I am getting/now have no voice because of allergies.   I went to work and my boss was like – go home you aren’t getting any work done anyway –  I left at like 11:30.   Got home tried to watch some tv (coming up) and then took a bath and fell asleep then watch Pushing Daisy’s on my laptop since my tv wasn’t working (still coming up) and then went to pt for my arm and then came home and checked my tv again.

About 2 weeks ago comcast was having a problem w/ the DVR connections.   Fine – they fixed it and nothing I had recorded was lost.   Ever since then- it keeps freezing, or just stopping or something.    Or I’ll be watching something I taped/recorded and it would go back to the beginning.  So I call comcast and they are coming tonite to fix it.  You know that means that it’s gonna work – except not so much.  I just checked and it’s frozen again and everything I had saved is gone and my series set up’s  GONE and everything.  I can’t even turn the DVR off w/out unplugging it.   So I left it the way it is and this way the guy can see what the issue is and replace my DVR box and hopefully all will be better

Meanwhile –  I can barely talk and  my throat is killing me.   My back –  fine  I ended up taking a Zantac, since my mom said my dad was having a similar problem and his doctor said it sounded like acid reflux, couldn’t hurt anyway, and it apparently helped, now if I could just watch my DVR and talk, all would be better this week.

Thank goodness it’s Friday –  and a new week is coming.   It has to be better then this week.