I have no good title for this.

So I don’t know if anyone paid attention on Twitter, but my sister bought a house.   A cute little house in Philly.    Not far from where she lives now, but it’s a big step, buying a house.

She needs to get the kitchen redone.  No let me re-phase, she is getting the kitchen redone.  So last Tuesday, the movers came and moved her stuff from the apt, to the house.  The house now has boxes everywhere and no kitchen.    It’s not livable.

So guess who has houseguests.     It’s a good thing her daughter is adorable.


My girl turns 5 today

She very much belongs in this family.

I love you princess  Happy 5th birthday.


because I can’t get this into coherent thoughts

  • I was playing computer games this morning on my laptop (apparently you can play for an hour free and then decide if you want to buy the game – awesome) when all of a sudden I was like – holy crap  Michael Jackson is dead. It was a total wtf moment. – mainly because I haven’t voluntarily listened to an MJ song since Thriller.  I only listened if I heard him on the radion (which I don’t listen to anymore, thank’s i-pod) on MTV, which use to play videos, or if his music was in a movie.   so total WTF moment -I don’t care he’s dead
  • I have been playing a lot of computer games – mainly hidden object games (king.com or bigfish.com) and have been using up the battery on my computer a lot
  • I was gonna go to A/C today but then realized I don’t feel like driving.   My sister and the Princess will probably come here and hang out and we will bbq and watch fireworks
  • I read a book yesterday.  I might try that again since I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon.  I love Amazon
  • I have to go to Target (again)
  • I have to go to the Apple Store and return something.

And that’s it for now.

Have a great 4th or Saturday depending on where you are.

Well my brother to be exact.
I love my brother. He’s done some great things
He married my sil, who is amazing
He fathered 2 fantastic boys NE and LN
He teaches blind kids so he’s can read and write in braille.

His fashion sense -that’s not so great


he’s a ginormous geek, and can fix most all computer problems.

but a onesy w/ a flap- that he walked around in, JUST SAY NO