Suicide is not painless

Someone I don’t know, never met and only saw her name on posts from mutual friends killed herself the other day.

Honestly, it doesn’t affect me in any way.  I’m sad she felt she had no other options but emotionally, I have no feelings on it.

I know someone who killed herself and tried to kill her 6 month old daughter so she wouldn’t be a burden to her dad.   The baby is now 13.  I remember finding out she died like it was yesterday.  I remember not being able to think and feeling horrible for her husband.

I want to say that suicide is NEVER the answer, but sometimes. for the person, unfortunately it may seem like it is and that’s horrible and awful.

Suicide, contrary to Mash’s theme song, is not painless.   It hurts the people left behind.   There is always someone to listen, a doctor, a friend, hotlines. There are even apps now that will contact you with mental health professionals to talk to for free

It’s awful that she felt this was her only way out and her family and friends are in my thoughts