Dependent on my sister

I moved to NJ about 10 years ago.  Before I moved, my sister said to my mother, I hope Rachel doesn’t get dependent on me, I have my own friends”

Well, that worked out well.    For about 10 years, we have been making fun of my sister for that statement.     I love her tons and love that we get along so well.    I adore watching my niece every Wednesday and one Saturday a month (really I do)

I love going food shopping Sundays with them

I love having to find a babysitter because my sister doesn’t have time

I love going to her house to wait for the heating/AC guy because she has to work and can’t take off (In her defense, she’s a doctor and rescheduling patients is harder and I am not working)

I love going to her house because the kid is sick and she can’t stay home from work (see above)

I hope I don’t get dependent on her