Issues and secret shame

Issues:   Commercials   everyone hates them, and most people watch stuff on DVR so they can zip through them.


I’ve been watching a lot of shows on my Ipad and using the channel apps so I’ve been having to watch commercials and HOLY SHIT some of them are so stupid

Example:  there is one for Sprint, a group of women, one is Judy Greer, and the girls are yelling about the new iphone and  all these glasses breaks….WTF who gets that excited about a phone plan

How are all new shows#1.    I do believe that is pretty much impoosible to have so many #1 shows.


I can’t  belienve I’m gonna admit this, but I like The Mysteries of Laura. It’s  cute, Debra messing is adorable, It’s a clever procedural.    Not  groundbreaking  in anyway, but cute.

I also like Stalker.  BUT, the who dun it,   not the characters.  if they interact during the storylines of the who dun it, they are fine, if they interact when there are just talking, HOLY CRAP they are horrible people. The writing is horrible and I’m really ashamed to admit I watch it.

So, what’s your big issue or small issue and your  secret shame