My life. So far

I’m not doing the November writing thing.    I miss writing so I am going to try or write daily.      

My eldest nephew is in boarding school.     It’s the best thing for him , but I need to know, how did he get old enough for 10th grade. I spoke to him for my birthday and he said he was happy so I will believe  that.    I just wish he would text back or return calls.       

The younger nephew, what a wacko.     I took him to Comic con in NY a few weeks ago.    It was a blast.      He is so affectionate and so funny that I just smile when I see him.     He decided that he needs to show me Shaun of the dead since I’ve never seen it.     


And the princess.    I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing she is.       I will.     But not now.