I am not but I am

a mommy blogger

a blogger looking to brand herself

a regular blogger


me.    And that is all I claim to be.


I went to my first BlogHer this past weekend.  I had the party/expo pass only though.  It was in NY so I figured why not.


It’s not for me.   I am not in to selling my self, honestly, I  don’t  even blog enough to do that

I want to get back to why I started to blog, just to keep up w/ my life and document stuff I want to remember.

I am also going to use it as a weight loss tool.

I am not going to do a Blogher 12 review.   Just to say that I met some awesome people and saw my amazing friends.




One thought on “I am not but I am

  1. I have started to wonder about going to one. I think it would have to be in San Francisco though.

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