I don’t like my job. I have never made that a secret. Even my sup knows I’m looking for a paralegal job

I had an interview a few weeks ago. It went well. I got called back for a second interview and it went fantastic. I sent thank you letters and got a response back that I would definitely be hearing from them. It sounded as if I had the job.

I felt good about it. I felt confident. Then one week passed. I called once to follow up. Then a second week. At this point I felt less confident and part of me knew I didn’t get the job. I got the call today that they went with someone else They really liked me but my salary requirements were to high (my salary was 3k more a year then they were offering).

But you get what you pay for. This was the second time I interviewed with them. Last time was a year ago and they hired someone for less money and that person lasted one year and quit for a better paying job.

I’m frustrated over this process. I have been looking for a job for almost 2 years. At least I have a job to fall back on. I just wish it didn’t make miserable and cry


3 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. Understand the frustration. Years ago, I applied for a job. Over 700 applicants. I made it into the top 5 then the top 3. Getting the turn down letter was frustrating.

  2. I left a comment from the train but it spinny wheeled forever so I don’t think it ever arrived.

    Sad panda.

    These hard economic times encourage people who deserve to be treated and paid well to take demeaning work or be otherwise undervalued. It’s not right, but it’s happening anyway. I know someone will value you for your talents and pay you what you deserve, but I understand this doesn’t do you any good in the short term while you’re still stuck in HeLL. hugs

  3. Sorry sweetie. You do get what you pay for… you are worth the extra money. Don’t settle and don’t give up. I have faith in you! xo

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