A quick follow up

I need to clarify

I don’t care if my friends do stuff together and become friends on their own.   When R1 and R2 go away for the weekend, while yes I would have liked to have been asked, I know it’s because R1 knew I wouldn’t have been able to go.  What bothers me is that they hid it from me.   I know they are going to have fun

And what bothers me about J1 and R2 not telling me stuff, it’s not little things, it’s big things like pregnancy and one of their mothers having a stroke.  I am happy and sad for the person (same one is pregnant and mother had a stroke)   R2 knew since Thursday and it didn’t occur to either of them to tell me until the next week   I know I’m not the one that matters in either instance,  but the fact that they were talking about it and it didn’t occur to them that I may want to know because I am their friend also and care about them and would be there for them.

I know they aren’t going to dump me as a friend.  That’s actually the least of my worries.   I know we are all friends for a reason and that won’t change

I don’t know why it bothers me.


2 thoughts on “A quick follow up

  1. I think it’s hard for anyone to realize that your close friends have other people they are close to. Somehow it feels like it diminishes your friendship. It doesn’t, but that doesn’t stop it from feeling that way.

    It’s OK to feel how you feel. What’s important is that you communicate with your friends and let them know if you’re feeling left out, and realize that it’s probably not them, it’s you. It’ll take some time to adjust to the new reality.

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