I have friends. (Shut up). I like when my friends become friends with each other but…

I have a friend R1 and a friend R2. I was the link between the two. I’m glad they are now independent friends but they made plans to go away for a weekend and didn’t tell me or invite me.

I have a friend J1. I introduced her to R2. They got along and that is great. They go to bars together which is great since I’m not a big bar person. They always ask me if I want to go and sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. The problem I have is they tell each other stuff then say it to me like I already know. Basically they forgot they didn’t tell me.

I know its petty and dumb but it bothers me that my friends are becoming better friends with each then with me


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  1. That’s not dumb at all. I assure you, I know exactly what you’re talking about.

    I have no current examples of this in my life, I’ve just given up on caring who knew who first and am choosing to believe I’m still important to people even if we’re not hanging out daily.

  2. When worlds collide That is a great description of it. My main issue is actually R2. She is the one that thinks she tells me things or purposefully waits a week between finding things out and then telling me.

  3. I know none of these people.. but Scott had a similar situation when we first met.. he called it ‘when worlds collide’. It really freaked him out.

    It’s not dumb.. you are hurt.. I don’t blame you.

    See you next week FRIEND!

  4. Robin – 1 No you don’t know any of them. Just by name
    2. I’ll tell you later why I didn’t invite myself
    3. Yes Me you and JT are gonna have the townhouses next to each other
    4 I slept like the dead so I don’t think sleep is futile

  5. 1 – Do I know these people? Probably not but just asking.
    2 – I would invite myself on their vacation. Seriously.
    3 – Remember that me, you and JT are still going to retire together, buy condos, and build bridges to connect our condos because we’re heterosexual life mates.
    4 – Sleep is futile.

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