getting old sucks

So I use to be a morning person. Waking up about 30 minutes before my alarm and doing stuff in the house like cleaning. Or when I moved into my own place laundry and dishes and stuff. Then I hit 35

Now. I need two alarms to get up. Granted they go off about 2 minutes apart but even then its a struggle to get out of bed (and we know how much I love my bed).
I know part of the problem is that I need to exercise. It will give me more energy and I won’t be as sore all the time but I have no time to exercise. Especially now that I don’t get up in the morning.

Maybe I’ll win the lottery and just be able to sleep all the time


3 thoughts on “getting old sucks

  1. You know I’m up early.. and the first thought in my head daily is “Can I take a nap when I get home?”

    2nd thought is “Is it 2:30 yet?” The 2:30 end of work day is what really keeps me getting up..

    Mornings just suck.

  2. I climb out of bed at 6:05. Straight-up 6 a.m. was too hard on me psychologically.

    I try to be cheery as I’m getting breakfast together — I think it drives the teenagers in the house batty.

  3. I was getting up at 5:30 and staying up. I am now getting up at 5:39 instead and going back to sleep after I wake up the guy. I hate morning.

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