Something I love

I love my bed.    I love when it’s freshly made with fresh new sheets.   I love when it’s messy and I just straighten the comforter and climb into it.    My comforter, oh it’s the best most comfy comforter in the whole wide world.   I love climbing into my bed and pulling my comforter up to my neck and falling asleep.      Oh sleep  how I love thee.  I love that I never have problems sleeping.   I feel bad for people who do (Really)   The joy I get from my 9 hours of sleep a night (longer on weekends) is just the best.

I love waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and then climbing back into my warm cozy bed.   I love rolling over and seeing I have another hour or more to sleep

oh my bed you are my favorite thing in the world


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