I’m at work posting this from my blackberry. Just wanted to say hi. Let you all know I’m alive and not as cranky as I sound on twitter. Don’t think I’m not cranky. I am. Just not as bad as I was.

I made a few changes in my life. I gave up soda. Ok I had one yesterday but since that was the first one in 2 months I am ok with that.
The main change is that I am taking a voluntary demotion at work. I am on the verge of another breakdown and I just can’t deal. So I asked to go to the lower dept. It will definitely be better for me

Since this is probably my last post for the year, have a happy holiday. See ya next year


4 thoughts on “today

  1. It’s so important (and healing) to be able to make a change at work if we can. I am really glad you could. Have a wonderful Christmas season, Rachel!

  2. I’m glad that you decided to make a change at work. I was forced into a decision at work and honestly, it was the best thing for me. I hope this is the best for you too.
    Love you!

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