Here I sit

wondering what to write about.
I suppose I could tell you all that I go back to work tomorrow, but I don’t want to think about it.   I may take an extra Xanax (kidding, I will bring with me to work tomorrow and will take half if needed)

I suppose I could tell you that I finally got a complete physical and bloodwork done    My B-12 and vitamin D were low but otherwise I am ok.   My cholesterol is a little high, but not bad, just have to cut out down on the carbs.

I suppose I should tell you that my sister moved into her house.   She should be unpacked in about a year.  I think she forgot about the crap at my house.   I am giving her six months to get it out of here (yes, that’s a long time, but I know my sister)

My nephews started camp this week.   LN (Littler nephew) is in 2 shows that they are putting on.  NE (Nephew Elder) is doing something with music I believe.   They are so damn cute it’s hard to believe it.

My niece is still the cutest 5.5 year old I know.   She told me yesterday that she like my house because she gets chocolate milk for breakfast.    And Grandma and Grandpa’s because she can do whatever she wants there.