A status update

Howdy all.  It’s me again.

just a quick update to let you all know I am still alive.

I am still on a job hunt.  Unfortunately, finding a job in the salary range I NEED in order to live is very difficult.  I have the experience but no one is paying what I NEED.

I am having Chinese food for dinner.

Beer Her is this weekend  I am very excited to ck out all the different beers that This Place has   I plan on getting a good buzz going but I will eventually have to drive and don’t want to take the drunk train home so a buzz is all I am going for.

I am cutting down on my meds    as needed  I am staying on the Abillify at the strength prescribed but am cutting down on the Lexapro.

I have to call my brother and advise him that his discover bill is still coming to my house (actually I did that when I was typing it

Robin, Poppy and I are going to see The Backstreet Boys here It was Robin’s idea.   We just go along for the ride.



2 thoughts on “A status update

  1. Try to hang in; the job will come.

    Everything else sounds positive, though. I just wish I was going to BeerHer so I could see you!

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