Looking back

I was reading the blogs and read over at Junk Food 4 The Soul about how she is going to remember this year.

It made me think.    How will I remember 2009.   It was the year I started therapy.   It was the year I realized I really hated parts of my job.   It was the year I went through a major depression that kept me out of work for 4 months.


It was a great year.   A really good friend got married and we had a blast at the bachlorette party and the wedding.  I made some really good friends that I didn’t expect to make this year.   I found out who I can trust, and was surprised by who they were.

I went to some great blogging activities in 2009.   I went to my first Avitaween.   I went to my 2nd TequilaCon. I went to ReNYC.

I am almost done school so hopefully I will have a new job in the next few months.

Even though the year wasn’t great, It  ended up being a pretty good time.


7 thoughts on “Looking back

  1. I had a pretty great year too! And next year, maybe I’ll get to meet you! We have 365 days to get it worked out. 😉

  2. It was fun meeting you this year.

    I’m glad you were able to see the good things that this year brought. I’m happy to know that you had a good year despite the difficulties you had.

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