School Lunch: I always had

When I was little I brought my lunch to school.  Always homemade in a brown paper lunch bag.

I always had a sandwich, usually corn beef or pastrami never peanut butter or tuna fish or anything like that.  Always something from a deli.   Corn beef on rye with mustard    Or lean pastrami on rye.   And they were big sandwiches piled high with meat.

I always had a fruit.  An orange, an apple  sometimes grapes or cherries.

I always had a cakey comestible.  Sometimes store bought like hostess or cookies but  usually homemade like cake or brownies or cookies

I always had a drink and this is where I was so cool   No juice boxes (did they have juice boxes back then) but always a can of soda Cream or Black Cherry but never Coke or Pepsi

As I hit Junior High and High School I started to buy lunch because no cool kid had mommy make her lunch.

I look back and realize I was never the cool kid and I  wish I had taken my mom’s lunches longer

Also how the hell did she have time to make a homemade lunch for 3 kids every day


4 thoughts on “School Lunch: I always had

  1. You forgot the starchy goodness – potato chip, pretzel, popcorn or the likes ( and always from a big bag, never a single serving bag).

    I kept this up til HS (though by then I was making it myself). I didn’t care about cool, I just wanted to eat good food.

  2. Funny the things we look back upon and realise what we miss. I was like you, always had a lunch and often still do (but these days I prepare it myself 😉

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