Things I love

I am taking this from Sarah and Sarcastica but am doing it a little different.   I am going to do one thing at a time and just write about that.  I am hoping that thinking about this will help get me out of my funk.

The kids make me happy

  • hearing them laugh until they get hiccups ( the princess)
  • hearing them get so excited they can barely talk (NE and LN)
  • answering the phone and it being one of the kids asking me to come over or to tell me good news
  • running hugs and kisses from any of them
  • remembering when NE was a baby and weighed more then the turkey at Thanksgiving
  • remembering the first time I saw the kids ever
  • knowing that if I am upset I can go see the kids and am guaranteed to laugh because they are silly
  • knowing they will usually give me hugs when I need it.

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