The rest of the trip

I added my pics to the flickr group enjoy



Discovery cove w robin and Dave2

I swam w/ dolphins and petted stingrays and had a great time.  Dave2 is posting those pics eventually so I will link them in then

photos in broken link –  will be fixed soon

Friday Night was dinner w/ new and known friends including but not limited to

Faiqa and her HOT husband Tariq




Finn and her HOT husband (name withheld until ok to tell)

Lisa/floating Princess

Karen Sugarpants

Poppy and Dawg


Heather/coal miners daughter

Ren and his beautiful wife Marci

and I know I am forgetting people   please realize it is because I have no memory.



we went to breakfast w Finn and husband, Kim, poppy and dawg, Ren and others (again bad memory) then we (me robin and Kim) were gonna go to sea world but the rental started to fall apart (no really the bumper was coming off )  so Robin and I went to exchange the car and by the time we got done we realized it was to late so I bought a Blackberry instead.

we went back to hotel and ate and slept and then went to Hilly’s to get ready

then the party

How to begin to describe the party beside AWESOME

the walking in was amazing the people were great the conversation was fantastic

overall I had an amazing time

after party was at dennys which is 2nd on best drunk food (I was sober as I had 2 diet cokes and water to drink)

unfortunately we had to leave way to soon but a fantastic birthday weekend was had


Breakfast w/ Poppy Dawg


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