Orlando Day 1 & 2

Woke up 1/2 hour before my alarm which is normal for me.

Got dressed and did final packing

went to airport and got on plane and it was a great flight.   I was in the 2nd row and had an empty seat next to me.

The problem began when I landed   Robin and Dave were picking me up from the airport but my luggage was missing.  Seriously it was a 2 hour flight how do you lose my luggage.

In to report a claim I go…and then finish and call my mom to cry….my clothes and my halloween costume…what to do.

As I was hanging up w/ my mom I got a call from the airline  (I  was still there btw) and the woman said they found my luggage Disney accidently pulled it.   Nice  it showed up about 10 min later after a quick run in w/ Bubblewench

We get to the hotel and Hilly picked up Dave while Robin and I went to eat.

then we came back and napped before going out w Dave Hilly Lisa and Karen.

When we got back to the hotel, we saw Poppy and Dawg and LeSombre but Lovely Wife was sleeping.


up at the buttcrack of dawn because we had to pick up Dave from Hilly’s at 7 am, we were Discovery Cove bound.   We got there and signed in for our swim time w/ dolphins and it was AWESOME  we played w/ stingrays and sat on the beach and went to the birdhouse and just had an amazing time.

Dave has the pics and I will put up the link when he sets up the flickr site.

right now  Robin is napping and I am gonna wake her in 5 minutes for our big secret nite out

one more day til Avitaween.

(sorry for the lack of links but you know who everyone is – if you don’t then let me know and I will forward the blogs)


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  1. SOrry I missed your birthday… 😦 I just realised it was on Wed. I sure hope you had a great day & may I wish you a great year ahead nonetheless.

    Sorry again (hugs)

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