Guess how old I am?


44 thoughts on “Guess how old I am?

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  2. Please excuse the interruption.

    This is a Public Service Announcement from Certifiable Princess:
    Hello. My name is CP. I see you are attending Avitable’s Halloween Party
    this weekend. I stopped by to introduce myself. Nice to meet you!
    Thank you and goodnight.

    You may now resume your regularly scheduled comments.

    Sidenote: Hope you have a wonderful birthday! I love the tattoo! A celebration of your life permanently on your canvas. What a lovely tribute to life.

  3. I purposely waited to be the 35th Commenter.

    I’m not rubbing my youth in your face or anything like that… but you know… it’s a good number.


  4. @Ren, it was a perfect fit, wasn’t it?! Your heads are very similar…

    @RACHEL! I hope you had the happiest of days today and they treated you like a princess on the ride down to FL. ❀ and stuff.

  5. Also? I can’t believe I got to play the part of NPH in Poppy’s Birthday blog gift to you. Awe… wait for it… wait for it… some!

  6. I don’t know you, but I don’t feel I should let that keep me from wishing you a happy, happy birthday!

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