I am and I’m not

I am clever, but I’m not as clever as others

I am smart, but not as smart as I act

I am funny but if you don’t “get” me, then I’m not

I am sarcastic but I’m not mean

sometime my sarcasm and my funny coincide

I’m not popular, but I will stick by my friends till they can’t be stuck by anymore

I am popular because I have several really close friends and other friends that I want to be better friends with.

I am happy but I’m not

I am depressed but not in the same sense that others are

I am me.  Take me or leave me (Rent alert)

You get what you see and you see what you get.   If you like me awesome, if you don’t most likely I won’t realize it or care.  If I don’t like you, most likely you won’t realize it until I tell you, which I won’t do.  I won’t purposely hurt feelings except if you hurt one of my kids or friends.

I AM ME   I like me   I hope you do as well


9 thoughts on “I am and I’m not

  1. You are way more popular than you think. Listen to Robin, at least!!

    The first time I met you I didn’t get this depth of your character so I didn’t think much more about you that weekend. But then I saw you again and now I really enjoy hanging out with you for pretty much all the reasons above, the good and the flip sides.

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