lame post in 3..2…1…

I left me glasses at my sisters so I am wearing glasses that are like 2 prescriptions 2 old and I am having problems seeing.   I want to go to the movies today – that should be fun.

I am going to A/C on Saturday for a bachlor/bachelorette party.  It’s going to be insane   Must remember camera.

I don’t like my job still – don’t know if I mentioned that.

My house is clean which I do like, but I have to fold  A. LOT. OF . LAUNDRY.   and do like 2 loads.

I am typing while my face is buried in the pillow, which means I am typing by spelling and remembering the keyboard.    somehow I type better like this

and that’s all she wrote


4 thoughts on “lame post in 3..2…1…

  1. You don’t like your job?

    Hmm. In all the time I’ve known you I don’t remember you mentioning… except, wait, that time we drove to your work and you spewed venom in its general direction, among other times. Ah, yes.

    How was the party?!?!?!?!?!?

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