Advice requested.

I have several bad habits that I am trying to break

biting my nails.    My nails are sooooo short that they are just gross

cursing  I curse like a sailor.   I have gotten better and say fudgeface intstead of fuckhead but the occassional fuckity fuck shithead fucker comes out a lot

cracking my knuckles.   my fingers are so swollen from cracking them it’s unbelievable.    There are some times that I just can’t help it, they crack sometimes just when I bend my fingers.    I sit on one of my hands whenever possible to help stop it, but that’s not always feasible when I’m doing certain things like typing, working, whatever.   Although I drive w/ one hand so my right hand is always under my leg (that’s a habit from when I couldn’t lift my arm to the steering wheel and it just got comfortable to drive like that.   I do use both hands as well like when the Princess yells at me, or when turning or stuff)

here’s where I call out to the PRB for help.

what are actual ways to attempt to break the habits.

I have tried the nail stuff that tastes like crap, and bit it off,  I tried manicures and bit the nails off

I tried a curse jar, but I always forgot to put money in it.



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  1. I’m a nail biter too. I’ve found that whenever I’m tempted to bite, I make a supersize vodka pineapple, and the urges miraculously goes away… 🙂

  2. Lynda hit it on the head. it’s a nervous habit. It either needs to be replaced with another less damaging habit or finding what makes you nervous and addressing that.

    Cursing isn’t that big of a deal, at least to this reader.

  3. Oh man, I feel your pain. I was a chronic nailbiter for most of primary and high school. That bitter stuff you paint on? Got used to it.

    I finally stopped when I went to university and got braces. No more nailbiting because the braces made it impossible to grip the nail in my teeth!

    A drastic solution I know 🙂

  4. To stop biting my nails, I started twisting my hair. I just replaced one nervous habit with another. haha.

    All I can suggest is find something to do with your hands.

    That nail stuff is the worst with finger foods.

  5. Knuckle popping is the release of an air bubble in the joint. Doc told Babygirl, not harmful, just annoying. I was a horrible nail biter like BEEarl. The single nail for biting works as does getting a nice manicure and putting on several coats of polish. then chip off the polish instead. You will replace your habit with a new one.

    The cursing? I’d say act like your grandmom was in the room but my grandmom can outcurse me!!

  6. Advice for cursing: keep doing it. I think guys find it highly arousing when a girl swears. And if not — he can go fuck himself. 😉

    As for the other two: they require that you worry about your future. I used to bite my nails as a kid. One day my dad said to me, “you have toilet under your nails!” That just sounds nasty and if I do then biting my nails will make me sick and I don’t want that so rather living in the Now of the Bite I think about not wanting to be sick. As for knuckles: arthritis. You don’t want it so don’t encourage it. I crack my knuckles absent-mindedly but try my hardest not to do it on purpose.

  7. I’ve got a weird thing with nail biting.

    I used to bite off the nails on all my fingers. But it was worse than that. I would nibble on the cuticles and even tear at the nails as they were growing back in . Just awful. It was plainly a nervous tic and I was ashamed to show my hands in public.

    Then about 10 years ago I just stopped. Well, mostly. I still have one finger on each hand that I let myself chew on. I call them my “bad fingers”. And you know what? I don’t chew on them as badly as I used to when I was chewing on all of my nails.

    Sounds stupid, right? But it worked for me. I’m still hoping that one day I won’t need to chew on any of them, but for right now having 8 nice-looking fingernails is better than nothing.

  8. The only advice I can give is to try to figure out when you tend to bite your nails and see if you can head it off before you start.

    And just be aware. When you find yourself starting to do whatever it is, just stop.

    Or you could try the rubber band thing. Keep one around your wrist and when you start to bite or crack, snap it.

    That’s all I got.

  9. I’m of no use. I don’t know. I sometimes bite my nails, too. So, if you figure that one out, let me know. I hate knuckle cracking. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me. Maybe just pretend I’m there and you don’t want to gross me out.

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