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As I mentioned in my last post or maybe two posts ago, I finished one cycle of my paralegal classes and started the 2nd cycle.  I got my grades and did really well in the first cycle.

My new teacher is very nice, but he has a very heavy accent and is a low talker.  I am able to figure out what he is saying most of the time.   If I can’t the other girl in the class is usually able to (did I mention there are 2 of us in the class) The problem is that he is an attorney and explains everything in legal terms, which is fine for me, but I am a literal learner. I have to put stuff into my own language, usually using I and you for examples to explain stuff.

Ex:  In Federal Court v. Superiour Court if something is adjudicated in PA, but occured in NJ, the Federal Court will hold the NJ regulation –   WHAT!

In English  You and I are in a car accident.   In NJ there are no left on red lights  it’s NJ statute  In PA you can make left on red from one way street to one way street.    I live in NJ, you are in PA   I decided to sue you in Federal Court which I can do because you are in PA  (state to state can go Federal)  but because the accident happened in NJ, you are still held to NJ law of No Left on red

It’s a tad easier to understand my way  but it took 30 minutes for me to understand him to explain it my way.

(I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone else, but it did to me and my classmate)

I am gonna do well in this class mainly because it’s learning stuff I do everyday at work

Speaking of work, I tweeted that I sent out another resume.  I hope to hear from them.   I found 3 more jobs that I need to send out.

Also   I realized that as much as i complain about how much I hate my job, I don’t   I like my job.   I like the legal and medical aspect.   I don’t like not having the autonomy to work.   I don’t like having to go to 16 people to discuss something and getting 16 diferent plans of action, none of which will work.

and in other other news, I went to Starbucks and got complimented on my Jewish Star


It’s not huge, but it’s noticable yet, tons of people ask me if I’m Jewish.  Aside from MY NAME being really Jewish, I look Jewish, I sound Jewish and HELLO – BIG HONKING JEWISH STAR around my neck.

and tons of thanks and  I totally love yous to Poppy

I am going to see Harry Potter Friday.   Can’t wait.


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  1. Don’t leave us hanging, are you Jewish or not!


    What does it say about me that I thought the first explanation was perfectly understandable? The second explanation seemed like a good description of *why* it works the way it does.

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