I finished my first half of paralegal classes, the terminolgy, different types of law that stuff.  I was told I got 90-100’s in all the classes.  On Monday, we start HOW TO BE A PARALEGAL.  That’s not the name of the classes but really, it’s what it is -how to do the research, do the briefs, type the reports  that stuff.   The only problem –  the teacher is a low talker and has a heavy Nigerian accent.   He’s licensed in 6 states and Nigeria to practice law  Why he isn’t practicing is beyond me.

My sister lost her call phone so I gave her my old one.   She got it turned on yesterday and has internet on it.   Now I have to teach her how to use it.  (how to locate stuff, use the keys, etc.)

She also got a new MacBook Pro.    Now everyone but me has one   My sister, Laeeq  Robin.  So jealous  but when I get a new computer in a year or so, I will have a nicer shinier newer upgraded Mac so I will suck it up for a while.

With the Macbook – an 8 gig I-touch for free.  The Princess is happy since she steals mine all the time to do drawing games.  She’s figured out how to do stuff on my i-touch that I haven’t figured out yet    Kids are amazing.

That’s all that’s going on   I work, I go to school I sleep.

I am going to a bachelor/bachelorette party in a few weeks.   Then the wedding shortly after that.

and that’s my life.  So exciting isn’t it.


4 thoughts on “Update

  1. Congrats on the 90-100’s, well done!

    Going to a wedding on Sat., should be interesting since the groom is 20-25 years older than the bride… can’t wait to see the people present.

  2. Kids are amazing. They always figure out how to do things. My son is the same. I think it’s because they’re not afraid of doing the wrong thing.

    Speaking of low talkers, I just saw that Seinfeld episode where Kramer is going out with the low talker and she convinces Jerry to wear the puffy pirate shirt on the Today show. Pure comedy gold!

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