because I can’t get this into coherent thoughts

  • I was playing computer games this morning on my laptop (apparently you can play for an hour free and then decide if you want to buy the game – awesome) when all of a sudden I was like – holy crap  Michael Jackson is dead. It was a total wtf moment. – mainly because I haven’t voluntarily listened to an MJ song since Thriller.  I only listened if I heard him on the radion (which I don’t listen to anymore, thank’s i-pod) on MTV, which use to play videos, or if his music was in a movie.   so total WTF moment -I don’t care he’s dead
  • I have been playing a lot of computer games – mainly hidden object games (king.com or bigfish.com) and have been using up the battery on my computer a lot
  • I was gonna go to A/C today but then realized I don’t feel like driving.   My sister and the Princess will probably come here and hang out and we will bbq and watch fireworks
  • I read a book yesterday.  I might try that again since I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon.  I love Amazon
  • I have to go to Target (again)
  • I have to go to the Apple Store and return something.

And that’s it for now.

Have a great 4th or Saturday depending on where you are.


5 thoughts on “Bullets

  1. Target.

    I went for years and years without ever going in to one. Now I’m there once or twice a week (sometimes more).

    Happy 4th.

  2. We’re going to Best Buy today to get the HDMI cable I didn’t think to add to the cart when I bought the TV. dur.

    MJ is dead? huh.

    Happy 4th!

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