I’ve got nothin

so you get some cute things the kids did and said

The boys started day camp.   They were given pre-addressed pre-stamped post cards  all they have to do is write hi and I’m alive –  we will see if that happens

The princess and my sister and a friend went somewhere for a weekend I don’t remember where

Princess – I want to call grandma and grandpa

sister -they are sleeping

Princess – that’s ok the phone will wake them

Princess –  hi grandma

Grandma – it’s 10pm why are you up

Princess  I’m on california time

The friend they are with is from California and keeps saying that.

I wasn’t kidding when I said I had nothing   I have been sick for 2 days –  I am laying in bed getting ready to crash

i have no school this week and i am TIRED


3 thoughts on “I’ve got nothin

  1. Please note, the boys are at SLEEP-AWAY camp, not day camp. We don’t usually expect letters from day camp. By the way, did you see the pix on the camp website? Somewhere out there some little girls parents are exclaiming “Who’s that boy?!?”

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