I’m bored Here are quizes

You Are A Plane

You are ultra modern and futuristic. You embrace technology.

You like to live a fast paced life. You don’t like to wait around much.

You are a jet setter who loves to travel far and travel often

You are quite fearless. You are not plagued by common phobias.

Your Glamour Icon Is Sensual

Beauty is nothing other than the promise of happiness.

You Are High Heeled Boots

You are incredibly sexy. There’s no way you could hide it, so you just flaunt it.

You are a naturally talented flirt. You make everyone feel fascinating and attractive.

You have a wild streak. You like to have fun, and your idea of fun is pretty outrageous.

You dare to be yourself and life courageously. People respect you for it.

Your Observation Skills Get A B-

Your senses are pretty sharp (okay, most of the time)

And it takes something big to distract you!

Your Rockstar Name Is: Brooklyne Scorpion

Rock on!

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