I figured it out again

A guy at work was fired.    I don’t care he was fired as I hated him.  No really – pure hatred.  I do care because it means extra work for everyone else and we can’t get our stuff done to begin with.

But as we were given his mail to do (which is just as old as my mail and therefore I should be doing mine not his but whatever) I realized that what I want to do is be the clean up person.   Just sit at a desk and straighten it up.  Get the mail done, get the diary caught up, get the files organized, that type of stuff.   No phones, no stressing on it.  If there are fires   then the file goes to someone to handle.  I just do CLEANUP   I suggested that several years ago when I was in a different department and was told no.  I suggested that a few months ago and was told no.

I know what I would like to do, now to figure out how to make them say yes


5 thoughts on “I figured it out again

  1. Whenever someone quits or gets fired here where I work, the rest of the people have to take over because they don’t rehire. Then the work load increases and people leave because they are over worked and under paid.

    I wish this kind of mismanaged madness would end.

  2. You can always try the old trick of breaking a beer bottle over the end of your desk and then walking around with the jagged end pointing out and saying, “I’ll cut you, bitch.” Doesn’t always work, but you never know.

  3. Go to all the co-workers. If they tell management that they would want your services, then maybe they would consider it. One question: What happens when you clean up all the desks?

    Hubs’ desk is a mess but he won’t let me touch it. 😦

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